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Bagaimana untuk memasang Clamshell pada penggali mini?

Masa: 2022-03-09 Hits: 8

The clamshell bucket is a sophisticated articulating two-piece bucket mechanically hinged at the middle to form a claw-like appendage with an internal volume. It is attached by a hangar or bracket and uses ground engaging tool on its cutting edge to dig in a vertical direction.

Clamshell buckets are commonly used in digging pits for ground construction work, ideal for digging and loading material in tight and limited spaces, material handling, loading and unloading industrial wastes, grains, sand etc.

Clamshell is very common accessory for mini excavator, when our client buy mini excavator from us, and they want to add some accessories, but they don’t know how to install them. So we made a video for clamshell to show the attach instructions.

Di bawah sila semak video pengajaran, dan jika anda masih menghadapi masalah, anda boleh bercakap dengan jurujual kami, atau hantar e-mel ke [e-mel dilindungi]

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